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F is for Future

F is for Future

“C’mon Harrison! Hurry up; we’re going to be late!” Lieutenant Allison Reynolds shouted to her friend, Lieutenant George Daniel Harrison.

“Alright alright, I’m coming!” the lieutenant shouted as he adjusted the insignias on his dress uniform. They had to be perfect, today was a special day. Today was the day that he and his fellow soldiers and hopefully eventual teammates, friends really, would be inducted as part of the Stargate Program.

“Oh Dani!” Allison shouted as she knocked on the door. “Yeah yeah,” replied Harrison as he gave himself once last look in the mirror. Not a single hair was out of place and his insignia were perfectly straight. He grabbed his hat and left the locker room.

“I’m here,” he said as he pushed opened the door and saw his best friend waiting for him along with Allison. “You know, it’s usually us girls that take a long time in the bathroom,” she laughed as she high fived Daniel’s friend, John Bender, also a new recruit to the program.

The three friends, who had been friends since their early days at the Air Force Academy, marched toward the elevators and pushed the button for Level 28. All three soldiers were overcome with pre ceremony jitters as they excitedly fidgeted in the elevator, smiling nervously at each other. The moment the car stopped and the doors opened, however, the soldier façade was back in place as they marched steadily toward the Embarkation Room they paused briefly and smiled excitedly, their eyes shining with pride. As they entered through the doors, they were overwhelmed by the sight. It was not the first time they had been in the legendary “gate room”, but it was their first time to be in the presence of such notable members of the program. They fell into place with their fellow soldiers, all part of the new recruits to be sworn in as members of Stargate Command.

Harrison looked up to the podium and was awestruck to see the premier SG team standing together. He had heard so many wonderful stories about the legendary SG-1. The team designation was usually reserved for the best team, the flagship team. It was a tradition that had begun with the inaugural SG-1 team so many years ago. The members of that team were long dead, but the tradition continued that to be a part of SG-1 would be a privilege reserved for the select few that distinguished themselves in their service to the program. Harrison’s own father, now retired, had been a member of the team. He himself was named after the first non-military personnel on SG-1; of course his mother always said he was also named after her favourite musician, George Harrison and his own son Dhani. Daniel smiled thinking of his parents, who had been granted access to the ceremony, a privilege only for Stargate personnel, active or retired.

The young soldiers stood to attention as the Commander of Stargate Command, General Anderson, entered the room. He stood up to the podium and began his speech.

“Welcome to the Inauguration of Stargate Command’s 2097 Graduating Class. You are all here today, because you are the best and the brightest of that planet Earth has to offer. I would also like to highlight that this year marks the one hundredth’s anniversary of the foundation of the Stargate Program. This year we have graduates from over 137 countries, a new record for the SGC.”

The General continued speaking, commenting on the long standing tradition of the US Military, the changes made to Stargate Command over the years, various accomplishments of the graduating class, highlighting how certain candidates had distinguished themselves over their recruiting period.

“I would like to speak now about Stargate Command. Since it’s foundation in 1997, many great accomplishments have been achieved. When the Program first began, in the capable hands of the first SGC Commander, General George Hammond, Earth was in a different state. Countries were fragmented, the risk of war between the world’s most powerful countries was constantly looming, just waiting for a spark to set the power struggles alight with a third world war. Similarly, the galaxy was enslaved by a powerful enemy, one that was believed never to be vanquished. However, through great losses and great ingenuity, especially from the SGC’s flagship team, SG-1, the Goa’uld was defeated and after a long struggle, peace was achieved in the galaxy. Furthermore, the Stargate Program not only worked hard to ensure a safer galaxy, they also ensured a safer world, the world that we enjoy today. It is in part thanks to the Stargate Program that many of this planet’s warring nations were able to put down their arms against one another and work together for a common goal: peace, exploration, progress. You can see the evidence here today, as the Stargate Program is now open to all countries, not only the United States as it had been for the first decades of the Program.”

There was a presence just on the outskirts of the stage, standing in the darkness. He took in the sight of the 126 new recruits and how young and eager they looked. He remembered being so young, eager to join the fight, however, he was now very old having past the age of his prime long ago. His hair white and his skin wrinkled and he could not run or fight as he once had. He looked at the crowd again, they were not all soldiers, but there were also scientists and scholars as well, another progress made by the Program as it was now openly recruiting non-military personnel. He smiled thinking of past warriors, past comrades, friends. He was there one hundred years ago, when the program had started and he could attest to the General’s comments. The Stargate Program was entirely different, filled with uncertainly, fear, and even despair at times. He spared a thought to all of the fallen soldiers, scientists, non-military personnel and every innocent victim of the Goa’uld and other fierce enemies. He sighed, there were days where he truly missed his friends, and today was one of them. He steeled his gaze, turning his now frail appearance into a commanding presence. It was time.

General Anderson continued, “And now for the moment you have all been waiting for. I would like to give the podium to our honoured speaker: the last of the original members of SG-1. Please welcome, Mr. Teal’c.”

The audience erupted in a roar of applause.

And so life continued, as it always has and always will. Teal’c felt at peace, honouring his teammates’ memory as he took the podium and began to speak of his three greatest friends: Jack O’Neill, Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson. The Stargate Program was in good hands.

~ Fin ~
Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!


...Wow. Teal'c would be almost two hundred at that point.

It's so nice to imagine a bright future like this one, and I love Teal'c mentally gearing himself to project power. Because if anyone could when he's nearing the two-century mark, it would be him!

Thanks so much for contributing. :)
Thanks for reading! Yeah, I suppose I did stretch it a bit, making Teal'c over 200, however, maybe we can assume that Tretonin has some life extending properties?

Yeah I was watching an interview with Levar Burton who said how the new Star Trek movies lack Gene Roddenberry's vision, and it's true, we don't always need to imagine a dystopian future, somethings hopeful is nice.
This is such a wonderful, hopeful look into the future. And a great tribute to our favorite team!
Thank you so much! I kept thinking of how Star Trek used to have a hopeful view of the future, and thought, why not here too? Thanks for reading! :)
Love this shiny future for the program! And, of course, the respect for the past. ♥
Thank you! and thanks also for reading! :)
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