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Evil Galadriel

M is for Merlin

M is for Merlin

Author’s note: This was written for the Stargate SG-1 Alphabet Soup for Gen Fic Day 2013. Please note this was not beta-ed.

Summary: What changed Morgan Le Fay's mind in regards to her rivalry with Merlin?

Looking at the schematics, he kept thinking of the crime he was willing to commit. Could he do it? Should do it? Could he really continue with the creation of a weapon that will extinguish the life of millions? It wasn’t in his character to do harm; however, he knew too much, had seen too much.

He closed his eyes and thought back to his days in the Alteran Home Galaxy when his kind and the Ori coexisted. He knew without a doubt he must do what he must. There was no choice; there was no turning back. If not him, then who would take on his mantle and see his plan through?

He breathed in and as he exhaled, he thought, she would. She had tried before, and nearly succeeded. Always she sought his demise, he thought bitterly. She, just like the others, did not understand, could not understand the depth of horror he had seen, that has been in existence for far too long.

He continued downloading the plans for his weapon into the Repository of knowledge. He couldn’t enact his plan, but perhaps, perhaps one day he would find a man with the same desire, the same strength and willpower. A man willing to sacrifice all, including his own life, to achieve the ultimate goal: the destruction of the Ori and the freedom of his former galaxy.

He felt a slight chill on the nape of his neck. He had no need to turn around to know who was behind him.

“Have you come to stop me yet again, Ganos Lal?” he said not bothering to even slow down a moment from his eminent task.

There was a long pause and the slight shuffling of feet. Merlin felt a hand rest upon his shoulder. The touch was cold at first and then slowly warmed to a natural human touch. Though Merlin knew the woman standing behind him was anything human.

“No,” she sighed. Merlin stopped.

“I did as you asked,” she said with slight hesitation. The tone of her voice intrigued Merlin; there was something different, something uncertain in her manor of speaking.

“Did you?” his interest was piqued. He turned toward her.

“Yes,” she continued, “I went to the Ori galaxy and saw the fear they instill in the people and the destruction they wrought upon those who would dare stand up to them. They force them to be subservient and worship the Ori, increasing their power as time passes and their worshipers increase.”

“As I have told you,” he replied dryly, “Now what shall be done of it?”

Morgan Le Fay shook her head. “You know the laws, you know we cannot interfere.”

“Yet, you went against the will of the others and saw for yourself the horror of the Ori,” he defied.

“I did, though none know of this, only you. The Ori are still blind to our existence in this Galaxy and for now the others do not yet know of the true purpose of your weapon as I do.”

“I will not stop my work, you know this. The Sangraal is nearly complete, and I need only add the last details.”

He thought of the brave Knights of the Round Table and their King who knew of his secret, the threat of the Ori and his bitter rivalry with the woman standing before him. It was only just a few weeks that he had finally parted from his pupil Arthur. He dearly hoped he should succeed and not make the terrible choices he feared he would. He knew deep in his heart that as lovely as Guinevere was, she would surely attract trouble. He smiled ruefully, beautiful women almost always did. As much as he admired the young King, he could not feel the hope that he would have been able to follow through with Merlin’s plan and complete the Sangraal and send it to the Ori Galaxy. The humans of Earth had not yet reached that level of comprehension, and would not for some time, he feared. A long time.

“I have not done all this work just to see if fall through.”

“It shall not,” Morgan said earnestly. “I know we had our differences in the past and I tried to stop you many times before, but hear this, I shall not let the Ori win.”

“How do you propose you do this? Surely you will not interfere?”

Morgan smiled slyly, “Not exactly.”

* ~ * ~ *

At least five centuries later…

"Here lies Myrddin, archmage of the round"

Having been recently removed from stasis, Merlin peered into the face of the man sitting next to him. He listened at length to the young man, who introduced himself as Daniel Jackson, as he talked. Relief flooded through him as he thought:

Now there was a dedicated man and willing to sacrifice all to achieve the ultimate goal.

Merlin smiled, eliciting an alarmed glance from this naïve, but true at heart young man. The Ori’s end was at hand.

~ Fin ~
Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!


Whew! Finally got up to M.

I like this take on how Merlin finally convinced Morgan to be an ally, and also, yes, on how very long-thinking Merlin is. I think you have to be, to qualify as an Ancient. :)

Thanks for contributing!
Hey thanks for reading! I mean something must have happened for Morgan to believe in Merlin, whatever it was, it must have been very convincing for her to switch over.
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