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The Pains and Perils of Going to the Gym - Part 1

Three years ago, I started going to the gym. Now, at first I thought, what I am thinking? I haven’t seen the inside of a gym since grade 9! Well over 15 years ago now (boy oh boy, don’t I suddenly feel old). It was a sudden, spur of the moment decision. I was chatting away with a friend one Saturday morning and we were both talking about a need to increase our physical activities, since mine were exactly zero. I felt gross, didn’t like how I felt or looked and thought: what do I have to lose? 30+ pounds, that is.</span>

So, on that very same Saturday afternoon I found a gym, very close to home and much smaller than the standard box gym (you know those really big expensive fancy gyms that are *always* busy) and signed up. Yup, I had signed up to join a gym. Now, this was in January so you’re probably thinking, gee, how long will that last? You know with the standard New Year’s resolutions (a practice that I do not ascribe to, by the way), lose weight, yadda yadda and you give up two weeks later? Well that’s what I was expecting; well actually that’s also what most people were expecting. Anyways, I joined and that was 3 years ago and I actually haven’t stopped going. Really! Ok, there have been some slower times where I would only go once a month, but that didn’t last long. I’m actually a pretty regular goer; I go at least 2-3 times a week. More would be nice, but I’m super busy all the time so I do what I can.

Anyways, since I have been going for so long, I thought I’d write about it. I mean, why not? Also, right now, I am in terrible pain because of the gym and it’s currently affecting my everyday life. I can’t move! Owie!

Here is why: This week (Monday), I just joined a boot camp at my local gym which is two one hour sessions per week. I went to my first session, it was fun, it was with 3 other women (all older than me) and it was a pretty intense work out. I kind of liked it.

The next day however, I was singing an entirely different tune. My legs hurt so much I can barely walk! Climbing up and down stairs is excruciating!! My arms are so sore, I have a hard time putting on and removing a t-shirt. My ribs hurt so much, I can’t laugh too much, I have a hard time sitting down and it was pure hell running around this morning to get ready for work! I hate this!!! Argh! It’s been two days! Two days! Ok, so I know that the second day is always worse than the first, but holy cow this is hell!

Ok, so I am simply venting. I’m sure once I start getting more energy toning up, I’ll be glad for all this, but in the interim, this is hell! Owie!

Also, this isn’t the first time I crawl out of the gym and spend a few days shrieking in agony (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I don’t shriek – ever), however I feel like it’s the worse time! I mean, it’s even freakin’ hard to sit down on a toilet (yup, I went ahead and said it!)

Anyways, I’m hoping things will start go get better. Who knows, maybe the pain is a one-time deal? Who knows?

Thanks for reading, take care, and don’t let this entry keep you away from the gym!!



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February 2014

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